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Pink Bourbon - Huila Colombia

Pink Bourbon - Huila Colombia

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Pink Bourbon

 Only Ingredient roasted  Coffee beans - No Artificial Flavors

This coffee is the result of a small farm of 2.5 acres in San Adolfo, Huila. Our Pink Bourbon has been cultivated by a family of 8 coffee-growers who focused only on the harvest of this coffee variety. Their take pride in their artisans and optimal process in all the different steps from the seed selection all the way to the post-harvest.

They are differentiating their product by doing a Honey Process; in where the fresh pulp is dried without washing its golden mucilage, which resembles honey for its sticky appearance. This process helps give its mellow flavor and its wonderful roasted caramel notes.

Location: Huila Colombia

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Process: Honey

Altitude 1650m

Harvest: 2021

Acidity: Low

Body: Full-Bodied

Tasting Notes: Sweet roasted Caramel

After taste: Watermelon & Sugar Cane


Serving suggestion: 2 tsp per one cup of water. 
Note: The photo shows coffee beans before roasting


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