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Geisha | Huila Colombia

Geisha | Huila Colombia

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 Only Ingredient roasted  Coffee beans - No Artificial Flavors

Geisha Coffee is a rare and ancient crop, hailing from the mystical Gori Gesha Forest in Ethiopia. The journey of these beans is a labor of love, with every step planned and executed with passion. The high-altitude environment where the cherries are grown is an integral part of the maturation process, resulting in a coffee with a full, rich, and pronounced flavor.

This particular Geisha is hand-picked and dried in the sun, undergoing a wash process that enhances its unique and complex flavor profile. It's a coffee that is truly one of a kind, a taste of history, and a taste of the future

Harvest: 2021

Process: Washed

Region: Huila, Colombia

Altitude: 1,800m

Roast:  Medium

Aroma: Red wine

Testing Notes: Citric notes of lemon & mandarin. Cherry and red wine.

Acidity: High

Body: Full-Bodied and creamy

Serving suggestion: 2 tsp per one cup of water. 
Note: The photo shows coffee beans before roasting


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