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Espresso | Cundinamarca Colombia

Espresso | Cundinamarca Colombia

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Only Ingredient roasted  Coffee beans - No Artificial Flavors

The coffee beans that we offer are hand-selected, ensuring that only the best beans make it into your cup. They are then roasted to a medium-dark level, which brings out a richness and fullness in flavor that is hard to beat. The lower acidity gives the coffee a more robust and satisfying taste, making it the ideal choice for an invigorating espresso. Savor the bold and complex flavors, carefully crafted to perfection, in every sip

Location: Cundinamarca, Colombia

Variety: Castillo

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1,600m

Aroma: Chocolate

Flavor Notes: Sugar cane, caramel, and lychee

Acidity: Medium

Body: Medium and creamy

After taste: Lychee


Note: The photo shows coffee beans before roasting


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