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Whisky Barrel Coffee | Limited Edition

Whisky Barrel Coffee | Limited Edition

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Whisky Barrel

Whiskey Barrel Coffee | Limited Edition 

Only Ingredient roasted Coffee beans - No Artificial Flavors

This coffee is truly a one-of-a-kind indulgence, hand-picked from a small nano-lot nestled at an elevation of 1,485 meters. The cherries have been carefully selected by hand to ensure only the ripest and most flavorful beans make it into your cup. This limited selection is then subjected to a natural process that imparts a unique and complex flavor profile. The beans are fermented for 248 hours in whiskey barrels, imbuing them with rich and nuanced notes. They are then slowly dried at low temperatures for 19 days, resulting in a coffee that is truly a treat for the senses. It's a coffee that is unique, indulgent, and truly unforgettable.

Location: Valle, Colombia

Variety: Castillo

Aroma: Whisky

Flavor Notes: Whisky, blackberry, and grapes

Body: Creamy and mellow 

After taste: "Boozy" with fresh grapes

Note: The coffee beans are a sample before roasting


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